Indian Railway Services

Indian Railways is the largest passenger transport system in India and also worldwide. The services cost of Indian Railways are low, when compared with other travel services in India. Indian Railways stands on three pillars and those are providing hassle free services to passengers, on time transport services and low fares. It becomes synonymous with its services. Indian Railways operate in India’s domestic market. The people friendly culture of Indian Railways has put them in hearts of Indian citizens. It is great transport system to travel across every corner of India.

From last 160 years, Indian Railways has developed its services and had made a huge market in India. It is most reliable transport system in world. The services offered to customers are award winning services, efficient services and high operational reliability services. Most of the Indian passengers and foreign tourists are feeling safe and secure in Indian Railways. It is the global low cost transport service provider. It delivers real time experience to passengers, which are comfort, speed, safety, security, fast and etc.

Today, Indian Railways is the most prominent and preferred transport system in India. Indian Railways are constantly developing their services and using modern and latest digital technology to enhancing their services. Indian Railways main aim is to provide better travel experience for passengers. It provide high quality multi services to passengers, which are PNR Status, live train running status, trains between different stations, fare enquiry, online reservation, offline reservation and etc. With these services, Indian Railways transformed rail travel in India.

Indian Railways has the last mile connectivity in India. They provide customer friendly services to passengers. The network of Indian Railways has spread across every corner of India. It is providing the best and most reliable services to passenger and they are:

  • Indian Railway Passenger Services.
  • Indian Railway Travel Classes Services.
  • Indian Railway Train Type Services.
  • Indian Railway Tourism Services.
  • Indian Railway Ticketing Services.
  • Indian Railway Freight Services.
Indian railway services

Indian Railway Passenger Services

Indian Railways has the best transport network in world. It is the fourth largest rail network in world. Every year millions of people are travel in Indian Railways from their source to destination. They transport the passengers from their source to destination with safety and security. They investing huge amount for passenger’s safety and services. The best and most reliable services provide by Indian Railways are given below:

  • Train ticket booking through various platforms like IRCTC, private booking counters and etc.
  • PNR Status for their reserved train ticket.
  • Live train running status.
  • Trains between different stations.
  • Fare enquiry.
  • SMS services.
  • Low fare services.
  • Reliability and accuracy services.

Indian Railway Travel Classes Services

Indian Railways has providing several travel classes in their trains. These travel classes are made with or without air conditioning. The fare of these travel classes will change according to category of travel class. Standard passenger trains contain four unreserved compartments, in which two compartments at front side of train and remaining two compartments at back side of train. Remaining coaches are with air-conditioned or without air-conditioned. These coaches will increase or decrease according to demand on the route. Lavatories are included in each coach. These lavatories are either in Indian style or in western style. Separate compartment for luggage.

The different types of travel classes in Indian Railways are given below:

  • Saloon Classes – Hotel atmosphere travel class.
  • 1 A – AC First Class – Expansive and luxurious air conditioned travel class.
  • 2 A – AC Two Tier Class – Air conditioned travel class.
  • 3 A – AC Three Tier Class – Air conditioned travel class.
  • 3E – AC Three Tier Economy Class – Air conditioned economy travel class.
  • Vistadome Class – Vistadome glass roof travel class in tourist trains.
  • Anubhuti Class – Air Conditioned top end travel class.
  • EC – Executive Chair Car Class – Air conditioned travel coach with spacious seats and legroom.
  • CC – AC Chair Car Class – Air conditioned travel coach. Five seats in a row.
  • GC – AC Chair Car Economy Class – Air conditioned travel coach.
  • SL – Sleeper Class – Without air conditioned common coach in every train.
  • 2S – Second Seater – Without air conditioned travel coach.
  • FC – First Class – Without air conditioned and bedding coach.
  • UR/GN/GS – Unreserved or General – least expensive travel coach and seat not guaranteed. Tickets are purchased at Indian Railway station counter.

Indian Railway Train Type Services

Indian Railways is ruining lot of trains for their passengers. They running different types of trains in India based on network, speed, stops on a route, distance and fare, which High Speed Trains, Express Trains, Super-fast Trains, Mail Trains, Passenger Trains, Special Trains and etc. Indian Railways has provided a five digit number for each train. Fast running speed has less stops, when compare with slow running train. The different types of trains run by Indian Railways are given below:

  • Shatabdi Express – Day time travel air conditioned train.
  • Tejas Express – Semi high speed air conditioned train.
  • Double Decker Express – Day time limited stop two tier air conditioned express train.
  • Vande Bharat Express – Day time travel semi high speed air conditioned train.
  • Uday Express – Over night travel Double Decker air conditioned train.
  • Gatimaan Express – Semi high speed air conditioned train.
  • Rajdhani Express – Limited stop air conditioned train.
  • Garib Rath Express – Three tier air conditioned economic train.
  • Jan Shatabdi Express – Economic air conditioned and non air conditioned train.
  • Yuva Express – Air conditioned travel train for young Indians.
  • Duronto Express – With or without air conditioned nonstop train.
  • Kavi Guru Express – It was introduced on the honor of Rabindranath Tagore.
  • Humsafar Express – Air conditioned three tier train.
  • Vivek Express – It was introduced on the honor of Swami Vivekananda for his 150th birthday.
  • Intercity Express – Available both high speed and semi high speed trains.
  • Antyodaya Express – Not a reserved high speed train.
  • Sampark Kranti Express – Express services available in New Delhi.
  • Mahamana Express – Superfast train.
  • Jan Sadharan Express – Not a reserved express train in peak routes.
  • AC Express – Limited stop air conditioned train.
  • Rajya Rani Express – Express train.
  • Suvidha Express – High priority express train.
  • Superfast Express – Limited Stop train.
  • Express – Limited stop train.
  • Mail – Less number of stops.
  • Passenger – Economical, unreserved and slow moving train.
  • Suburban – Operate in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and etc.
  • Metro – Urban transport train.
  • Mountain Railways – Travel in Hill areas.
Indian Rail Services

Indian Railway Tourism Services

Indian Railways has introduced the tourism services in India. For this they have introduced some special, luxurious and air conditioned trains, which are Steam trains, Luxury tourist trains, Aastha Circuit trains, Buddhist special trains, Semi luxury trains and Bharat Darshan trains. These services are active in different parts of Indian nation. Indian Railways provide various packages for these trains, those are accommodation, rail travel, food, local transportation and guided tour. These trains and packages are maintained by IRCTC, which is subsidiary of Indian Railways. The different types of tourism trains provided by Indian Railways are given below:

  • Maharajas’ Express
  • The Golden Chariot
  • The Fairy Queen
  • The Palace on Wheels
  • The Deccan Odyssey
  • Royal Rajasthan
  • The Mahaparinirvan Express

Indian Railway Ticketing Services

In old days, Indian Railway ticket reservation was made manually. Due to introduction of latest and innovative digital technology in universe, Indian Railways has brought that technology in their ticket reservation system. With this Indian Railways has begun using computerized ticketing system. This system made so easy in ticket booking. You can book the reserved train tickets up to 120 days in advance. For unreserved or general tickets, you have to book at nearest railway counter.

Indian Railways has given the complete ticketing reservation system to IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd). IRCTC is a subsidiary of Indian Railways. Now days, the ticket reservation has given some private companies also. By using IRCTC website, ICRCTC App, private booking counters, nearest railway station counter and etc, you can book the ticket reservation easily. Now a day, it is easy and convenient to book the train ticket.

After, booking the train ticket, you can check the PNR Status and live train running status in Indian Railways website. You can check the PNR Status by sending sms to 139 or call to 139 through your mobile number. Indian Railway train ticket fare is very low, when compare with other road, rail and air services. They provide discounts to senior citizens, students, competitive exam students, disabled persons, athletes and etc. Indian Railways are allotting some seats for women’s and senior citizens.

Indian Railway Freight Services

The freight services of Indian Railways are using by various industries, companies, consumers, courier companies and etc. Indian Railways transport commodities, fuel, consignments, articles and etc. Indian Railways has increased their income by introducing freight services along with passenger services. This changed whole scenario of Indian Railways journey.

The freight services of Indian Railways are low cost and high speed delivery. Indian Railways are allowed more freight services trains with higher speed. This will impact market business. Indian Railways has completely changed the train speed system for freight services.