Indian Railway PNR Status

Indian Railways is the state owned railway organization by the Ministry of Railways of the Government of India. Indian Railway is the owner and operates the complete rail transport industry in India. Its network is recognized as the largest railway network in the world, which is operating under single management. No doubt, Indian Railways is the largest rail network in Asia. It is also second largest in worldwide. Large numbers of people are working under Indian Railways. It is the seventh largest employer in worldwide. It has the longest tunnel.

Indian Railways is touching the hearts of Indian citizens in many ways, by providing the trusted and reliable services, which are PNR Status, trains between two stations, live running status, sms enquiry, train tickets reservation, tourist services, freight services, spot your train, live station, train schedule, cancelled trains, rescheduled trains, diverted trains, fare enquiry, passenger railways, parcel carrier, catering services and etc. The services of Indian Railways are spread across every corner of India. It has the most widely spread rail network in India. It is the preferred carrier service in India.

Indian Railways was started in 1853, but it was nationalized in 1951. For more than 160 years, the Indian Railways has been the backbone of the rail transport in India. It is playing crucial role in India’s economic development. Now a day, millions of Indian citizens are prefer Indian Railways as there transport system to travel long distance in India. They are well prepared in travelling, which are booking train ticket, checking PNR Status and arriving right time to railway station.

How to Check PNR Status Quickly

PNR means ‘Passenger Name Record’. PNR is a record, which is kept in the computer reservation system database of Indian Railways. PNR is a record containing the complete journey details of single passenger or group of passengers, which are single passenger name or group of passenger names, gender of person, journey date, train number, train name, source station, destination station, arrival time, departure time, PNR number and etc.

Actually, PNR is a ten digit unique number. For offline, the reserved train tickets is booking at the nearest railway station counter, then the PNR number is printed on the left top corner of train ticket. For online, the reserved train tickets is booking in Indian Railways or IRCTC or private web or App based organization, then the PNR number is mentioned in separate cell in the SMS or Email or E-Ticket.

indian railway pnr status

If a person books the train ticket, then the Indian Railways will provide the ten digit PNR number. The complete journey details of passenger will be stored in the associated record of PNR number. Since, Indian Railways is the most reliable and trusted organization in India and run by Government of India, so there is no doubt the record kept in the database of Indian Railways are safe and secure.

The current reservation status of your reserved train ticket can be checked, by entering the 10 digit unique PNR number in the text box of Indian Railways or IRCTC or private based organization website or App. Remember that whenever you enter the PNR number, don’t enter the hyphen (-) symbol. This hyphen (-) symbol is not required. There are lots of websites or Apps to check the PNR status of your reserved train ticket. The most popular websites or Apps to check PNR status is given below:

  • PNR Status Enquiry through Indian Railways Website or Indian Railways App
  • PNR Status Enquiry through IRCTC Website or IRCTC App
  • PNR Status Enquiry through Private based websites or Apps
  • PNR Status Enquiry through SMS
  • PNR Status Enquiry at nearest railway station counters.

Check PNR Status in Indian Railways

The train ticket reservation in Indian Railways is convenient and easy. The ticket fare in Indian Railways is low cost, affordable and value for money basis. Whenever, you book the train ticket at neatest railway station counter or online website, and then the next step is to check the current reservation PNR status. The checking of PNR status in Indian Railways is easy, reliable, trusted and the most preferred way.

Indian Railways website is designed and hosted by CRIS. Here, the abbreviation of CRIS is Centre For Railway Information Systems. The PNR status enquiry in Indian Railways is given below:

  • First visit the Indian Railways official website or Indian Railways official App.
  • Navigate to the option “PNR Enquiry” or “PNR Status”.
  • Now check the PNR number in your reserved train ticket.
  • For offline reservation, PNR number is printed on the top left corner of the ticket.
  • For online reservation, PNR number is mentioned in separate cell in SMS or Email.
  • Now enter the PNR number in the text box.
  • Click on ‘Submit’ button.
  • Now you get a “captcha question”. And answer this given captcha question.
  • Now again click on the option “Go”.
  • You will get the information of current reservation PNR status.
pnr status

Check PNR Status in IRCTC

IRCTC abbreviation is Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited. IRCTC is the official partner website of Indian Railways. The complete operation of IRCTC is maintained under Indian Railways. The main aim is to introduce IRCTC is to book the train tickets. It is the most reliable, trusted and convenient website of APP to book the train tickets. The train ticket booking in IRCTC is easy and fast, when compare with other private based organization rail reservation system.

If you booked the train ticket in IRCTC website or APP, then the process of checking PNR status of your reserved train ticket in IRCTC website or App is given below.

  • First visit the IRCTC official website or IRCTC official App.
  • Navigate to the option “Login”.
  • Enter your credentials, which are username and password.
  • Now again navigate to the option “Booked Ticket History”.
  • Press on the option of “E-Ticket”.
  • Again you get the option of “PNR Status” or “PNR Enquiry”.
  • Click on “Get PNR Status”.
  • Now you will get a “Captcha”. Answer the “Captcha”.
  • Again click on “Go” button.
  • After sometime, you will get the details of current reservation status of your train ticket.

As you follow the above instructions to check the PNR Status of your reserved train ticket in Indian Railways or IRCTC, in the same way you can check PNR Status of reserved train ticket in any private website or private App. These private based website are gathering the information from Indian Railways or IRCTC and provide you the details of PNR Status, so it is better to check PNR Status in Indian Railways or IRCTC.

Check PNR Status through SMS

Indian Railways has launched new feature for customer satisfaction. SMS service is the new feature. By using this feature, you can find the PNR status, live train running status, trains between two stations and many more. It is one of the best and advanced features by Indian Railways. It is easy and convenient to use. There is no internet is required for SMS enquiry. The process of checking PNR status through SMS is given below:

  • 139 SMS Service – Send SMS PNR from your mobile. It is maintained by IRCTC. Example PNR 2546542145.
  • 5676747 SMS Service – Send SMS PNR from your mobile. It is maintained by Rail Zone. Example PNR 2546542145.
  • This SMS services is available on Airtel, Jio, Vodafone, Idea and etc,
  • SMS charges are applicable as per service provider.

Check PNR Status at Railway Station Counter

When you book the reserved train ticket in Indian Railways and you don’t know how to check PNR status of your reserved train ticket through online or SMS. Then just went to nearest railway station and follow the below process:

  • First go nearest railway station.
  • Contact any booking counter person.
  • Show them your reserved train ticket. And ask them for Current status.
  • The booking counter person will check and tell you the Current status of your reserved train ticket.
irctc pnr status

Different Type of Trains Available in Indian Railways

There are different types of trains available in Indian Railways for travel. Some of the trains are given below:

  • Special Trains Running Currently
  • Mail Express Trains
  • Passenger Trains
  • Mail Express and Passenger Trains
  • Suburban Trains
  • Vande Bharat Train
  • Tejas Train
  • Rajdhani Train
  • Parcel Express Trains
  • Humsafar Train
  • Premium Group Train
  • Garib Rath Train
  • Holiday Special Trains
  • Double Decker Train
  • Jan Shatabdi Train
  • Shatabdi Train
  • MEMU (Mainline Electric Multiple Unit)
  • Duranto Train
  • Summer Special Trains
  • Mail Express Special Trains
  • Passenger Special Trains
  • Train on Demand Trains
  • Rail Bus Trains
  • Tourist Trains
  • DMU (Diesel Multiple Unit)

Finally, Indian Railways are providing the best and topmost services to Indian citizens and foreign tourists. The services provided by Indian Railways are affordable and convenient. Most of the services are touching the lives of many Indian citizens. Some of the services are PNR Status, trains between different stations, live train running status and many more. It is the main travel system in India for many Indian citizens.